Friday, March 23, 2012

The Harmonization of Salaries in the Federal Civil Service

As I have always maintained. Democracy, as practiced in the world today, is too expensive. Lets join the rest of the progressive world who are seriously trying to apply technology to bring government closer to their people - Direct Governance.

You may recall that on December 20th 2010, on the heels of Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, Governor of the Central bank revelation that the National Assembly appropriates over 25% of the national budget. I published an article titled Who Let The Dogs Out and Say No to looting of Nigeria. Both articles addressed the gulf between the rich and the poor and reflected on my view on "A Promise is comfort to a fool.." which focused on Labors strike on minimum wage. In those articles, I suggested that labor should go a step further and ask a downward review of the "Maximum Wage".

A lot has happened since then, Nigerians have become increasingly aware of what is going on. In deed, this awareness has had a rob-on-effect on the business as usual in all three arms of Government. A cursory look at news today, tells you of all sorts of public hearing into very elaborate in-your-face corruption. From the NNPC, Central Bank of Nigeria, Security and Exchange Commission, to the Nigerian Police Force. These are all welcomed developments and attest to the fact that we can change if we really want to. As long as prosecution of those found guilty is not swept under the carpet, the slow and sure journey towards state building has begun.

I was therefore happy to read in the dailies that a committee has been setup to review "Downwards" the salaries of public servants. (  The harmonization of salaries in the federal civil service is expected to reduce the strain of recurrent expenditure and produce an acceptable public salary structure. Hopefully the state governments will borrow a leaf and do the same.


  1. hopefully the harmonization would be for real. You know how this people toss us around. Naija for you.

  2. I dont believe anything good can come out of a Clueless PDP controled Govt the panels being set up are mere cosmetic arrangements it will still be business as usual

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