Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Worldclass Wedding Card Without Tears!

I am sure you have been wondering what has kept me away form the blog, Well I just returned from an unscheduled meeting in New York. (My first time there) I mean I have always gone past in a train or plane. but this was my first time to stand on solid ground. Subsequent on my return, I had to conclude a small conference (www.cenbank.org/webconf2007/) I was handling before jumping of on yet another project.

My wife (Tanatiblo) had cleverly suggested that I take up the printing of her sisters wedding cards as way of contribution to the project. Perhaps they expected that I was going to spend huge amount of money on this one...

I started by visualizing what the card would look like, then proceeded to "Staples" - the office stationary outlet. I bought card bows (Gold) and design paper with scatted fibres (Pastel Blue). I spent less than $30 on the whole 200 units.

The design was typeset was done on my laptop then, the envelopes where bought here in Abuja. the card looks cool, I got Tosins nudge before proceeding to do the entire thing.

A quick run down of the process will look like this.
  1. Print the design unto the fibre paper on a laser printer. This will ensure that it doesn't wash out when wet. Ink jets will normally run when wet.
  2. Stick the paper unto a pre-cut card (Use a clear stick glue). Ensure its smack in the middle of the paper. Avoid oil based gum like Evo Stick or other rubber adhesives.
  3. Place the transparent over the print out (you can make it stay in place by applying a dab of stick glue.
  4. Measure out the middle of the card and punch two holes near the middle to create holes to tie the ribbon/bow to.

The biggest trouble now is sitting down to tie 200 bows. depending on how fast you work or how many relatives you bring in to help, you can tie this in one weekend.