Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sucker Punch! What a big laugh it would be when...

This is a follow up article from one I started a few days ago and published as “Sucker Punch! What a big laugh it would be if... “ (  Its like everything is now on hyper-drive and I am finding it difficult to keep up with the unfolding events. Only this weekend (13th – 15th January 2012) several accounts of the link between Boko Haram, American involvement and the Oil Subsidy wahala has come to light. But lets start from where I stopped, describing the five conspiracy theories.

Conspiracy Theory No. 1 – Divine Intervention; The invincible hand of God.
Nigerians are a super spiritual society, be it Islam, Christianity or otherwise. We believe the almighty is forever working in our favor even when we are doing wrong. Little wonder why many people will tell you that as far as the oil subsidy is concerned “… all things worketh for good for those who trust God”. For those who think along this line, I say, there-in lies the problem of Old Nigeria, and we will put this to type of thinking to rest. I say Old because, for the first time in living memory, we are not calling for 2 weeks dry fasting and endless, pointless and fruitless prayers for our corrupt leaders.

In support of this theory, I would say that though I am not a man of faith like most, it is very plausible that a divine intervention of some sort is at play, considering the manner through which our leaders have come and gone these few years. Some have stepped aside, mounted, dropped dead or dismounted is peculiar circumstances. To the uninitiated - unfaithful coincidence orchestrated by the hidden hand of the “Cabal” and their foreign Frenemies (Friend + Enemy), but to the average pious Nigerian it is evidence of Gods ultimate plan at work. So when on that faithful Thursday May 6th 2010 when Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was sworn in as president, Nigerians from all works of life saw the ‘Messiah’, the one who would finally set things a right. It must have been a premonition to have named the son of a canoe carver - a boy without shoes “Goodluck”. This leave one wondering why then are we not satisfied with the messiahs approach. The second conspiracy theory clarifies why.

Conspiracy Theory 2 – Honest Truth; The Government is broke.
The second school of thought is the one the executive arm of government wants us to believe. That after groping in the dark and implementing several self-servicing policies, government is now serious and desirous of a better life for the masses. However, they have therefore come up with a strategy to shore up the much needed funds by cutting off an unnecessary burden that has limited government’s efforts to provide basic infrastructure for Nigerians over the years. - The PMS subsidy.

In support of this theory - The subsidy issue must be sincere, little wonder why several attempts by previous administrations have been made to remove it. The Obasanjo administration made several attempts and succeeded in the removal of all tolls on federal roads and a partial removal disguised as a petroleum tax. The Yar’ Adua Administration tightened the noose another notch through further deregulation. This is the reason why the Jonathan administration is hell bent on actualizing it and unwittingly plunging the masses into untold hardship. They tell us it is the only way out. In fact by implication the CBN governor says Nigeria will have no future unless this subsidy is removed. Several countries are already implementing this - Guinea, Chad, and just recently Ghana.

But wait a moment you ask, Who’s idea is all this. Isn’t the IMF behind all this? Is Mrs. Okonjo Iweala doing the bidding of her primary constituency? I just saw an account that says IMF ordered the removal of subsidy. ( …but Lamido Sanusi is his poignant interviews seems to take responsibility for the subsidy removal. “… Subsidies have been paid, but we couldn’t see the money either as product in tank farms or in fuel stations or credit sales. So I became obsessed with trying to understand how the industry operated, the more I looked the more hated it and I started the war against subsidies…” Still another article suggests that Deizani Ordered the subsidy removal ( ). So within movement circles it is quite difficult to understand the true source of this policy. Any observant listener can see and hear this incoherent logic on the face and voices of all the supporters of this policy.  One point worth mentioning is the fact that several countries in the region are presently implementing this policy tells anyone that this directive is coming from one source – IMF.

It is pertinent to state here that the “Cabal” is multi-faceted and made up of nameless, faceless individuals. The Power mongers – those that think the country belongs to them - the king makers. The Economic Monopolists, – those who corner the market to enrich themselves at the expense of the rest of us. The oil subsidy issue has more to do with the economic monopolist than anyone else, the “Lambs” the stay quiet like hawks with a keen eye on the prize, they control electric power, transportation, commodity market, and oil product importation. They are the forces that control the trajectory of FG policies in these areas. For example, Dangote has always had the special legal reserve to import every item the Government doesn’t want others to. From rice, sugar, salt, to cement. One thing I have not been able to understand is the fact that they claim that they want to deliver better infrastructure and strangle this “Cabal” when on the same token, the so called “Cabal” stands to gain from an increased pump price of fuel. This is the singular reason why the 20 companies licensed to build private refineries have refused to build their private refineries several years after being licensed. While the size of this clandestine outfit may be small, there are several wanna-be members of the Cabal who offer their services for free with a hope that they be counted among the powers that be. For convenience in this article, I will refer to all as the “Cabal”.

Besides what they are telling us, and all the facts that are coming to light, there is no clear evidence that this is clearly a genuine case – that the government means well, especially when you match all these against the back drop that for obvious reasons, no World Bank, IMF initiated policies have work in Nigeria (or elsewhere for that matter). If you are wondering what the original concept of these international financial institutions, I refer you to YouTube.

Conspiracy Theory No. 3 – The Usual Suspects; Politicians want to “Share the money”.
That leave us with the obvious - corruption. The history of Nigeria is fraught with unkept promises from the ruling class – military or civil. So it is no surprise why people are skeptical whenever government makes overtures. Neither the politicians nor their enforcers keep to their promise. Even worse, our brown envelope chasing media, do not manage the issues well by effectively reminding them of what they said in the past. Nigerians are angry because of mismanagement of our commonwealth. The gap between the rich and the poor is so wide. Government is keenly aware of this as Mrs Okonjo Iweala puts it “We want Nigerians to give us a chance. We know there is lack of confidence in government. We need to rebuild the trust. Even those of us in government are tired of complaining. We can’t succeed without you. Give us chance to perform and see if we can make that change”.

Ostensibly, with the increasing number of people speaking up in favor of this one would come away with the idea that this is for real, but from my own observation, most of these people have not facts and have failed to look back at history to prove their point, Leopards don’t change their spots. The Jonathan government is a continuation of the same old people who have robbed this country blind. “Problems cannot be solved by the same level of understanding that created them.” Even more interesting is the fact that some people seem to support the policy because they believe that it makes them look smarter than the next man, no doubt the issues has created more beer parlor discus than one can imagine with everybody trying hard to make sense of the nonsense. Even the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) has hurriedly put up several debates in a bid to drum up support, but the die has already been cast and the increasing numbers at the protest grounds is an indicator that their ploy is not working. So for me, theory No 3 has no basis or yardstick to judge by.

If the government is not sincere, and the politicians are not looking to make fat, What other forces could be at work?

Conspiracy Theory No. 4 – The Bear & the Eagle; Uncle Sam is at it again.
Not too long ago a retired diplomat predicted that the country Nigeria will seize to exist by the year 2015. He was only making public what has been an inside secret, known to only a few before then - among the United States security agencies. If you know anything about western history and how the world affairs have been run since the dawn of time, the ideas behind this theory are not farfetched. Evidence of the activities of countries, and sometimes individuals in the downfall of several third-world nations abound. In 2004 we heard how Margaret Thatcher’s son had orchestrated a bloody coup in our back yard, if he had succeeded, all the lucrative oil deals would go his way while a puppet sits in the presidential villa, with the nod of Washington and Downing Street.

The series of events that preceded this "Occupy Nigeria" all support of the theory.

Love it or hate it, the West is a war mongering society built on the blood of other ‘backward’ societies. What matters most to them is the glory of being victorious at what seemingly many cannot clearly see. Despite the failure, the two gulf wars and present Iraq and Afghan campaign created jobs for teeming American men & women. The payment of war receipts continues to fuel their economy while the host country suffers…and Billions of foreign exchange for the country, all these ensures that the corporate America functions.

One account has it that Boko Haram has become a tool for secret agents who wish to ferment trouble in Nigeria. All its leaders have been carefully eliminated, and remaining field foot soldiers rendered impotent. The UN bombing in August 2011 could well be a deliberate attempt to make the security problem in Nigeria am international one, thus opening up the door for NATO and the United States African Command (AFRICOM). Little wonder why until recently, there have been little or no inroads towards apprehending the culprits. AFRICOM has gained a foothold in Africa. They have already carried out military exercise to test how they would react to the Nigerian disintegration amidst civil war. Their plan is to defend their interest in the south-south with over 20,000 troops. So every wrong move will give them the pretext they need to come in.

The following is an excerpt from the summary of the war games “There is clearly no real interest to control the activities of Boko Haram because of vested interest of certain foreign government in collision with their agents in the present administration and the country.  Most Nigerians are cowards, anyway kill a few Nigerians Christians and make it look like Christianity against Islam to provoke a reaction from Nigerians. If you get no reaction, kill a few more or go after a prime target to grab headlines.”

If this scenario sounds too absurd, then you should read further...( Think about it, they plan ahead, and Nigeria has been targeted for a long time. In such a short time, Nigeria has crept into the guild of terrorist nation where people blow up themselves in the streets. Gradually Nigeria has become a lexicon for extreme religious fundamentalists. Take time out to read the bombshell Bombshell: Nigeria: Targeted for Destruction – (Read Here)  and you understand why everything seems to be skewed towards actualizing 2015. How will they achieve this you ask? Well they have everything at their disposal. The IMF and World Bank (through their Hit ‘Wo’men) to implement a contractor policy that will impoverish the people, A renegade fundamentalist group through which chaos can be created and the religious bodies and their blotted leadership to aggravate hostilities or in the case of the Christian cow them into submission and finally a weak leadership that allows itself to do the bidding of foreign powers. This theory is very plausible. Nigeria may well be the next theater for American warfare.

I would have rested here if I didn’t have this hope that Nigeria will be great again. Something inside me is not quite settled on the account of the President. I have watched with embarrassment how Patience and her husband conduct themselves and wondered why anyone would humiliate themselves in such a manner. Eventually I drew my conclusion and came up with theory no. 5.  

Conspiracy Theory 5 – Sucker Punch! Jonah is no fool after all.
This conspiracy is not so much a conspiracy as it is a prayer. Much like a careful but deliberate act that will take advantage of the whole gamut of issues in the present situation and ensure that theory 1 and 2 come true. What is this theory?

Contrary to what many people think, Jonathan like any right thinking Nigerian knows that unraveling corruption in Nigeria is not a simple matter. The unseen hand of the cabal that pulls the string of the Federal Government stretches from security and law enforcement agencies, through the judiciary and all the way to foreign government. It is not something any single person can tackle; it is not an easy fix.

Secondly, Jonathan is an outsider, and only found himself at the helm due to circumstances plus his docile and unassuming persona. By now he should have also discovered that if he is serious about fighting corruption, the forces he has to destroy are one and the same forces that brought to… or allowed him to ascend to the highest office of the land.

Since he cannot bite the finger(s) that feed him, he has decided that this fight will not be his own, but that of the masses. That is why he has seemingly made all the wrong moves that will ensure that the people are angry enough to come out on the street and assert their right. Accounts have it that he even refuses to attend the meeting whit the NLC. BY so doing, the people will ask for the right thing and the government will have no option but to heed to their call.

Now there is a down side to all this, when will the other parties realize that this is what is going on? And how will they react? If the government does not renege on its stand tonight (as I expect) then we can say that this theory will surely be allowed to play out to its full extent. And we must go out there and demand for all the fixes we have always wanted. From obvious things like investigation and prosecution  of the Cabal to the Sovereign National conference.  Nigerians all over the world are ready to lend thie voice. We will push the envelope further. I am not alone, a few other people also think like this (even if unconsciously) hear Okay Ndibe wrote “We, the people of Nigeria, ought to seize this moment to define the terms of the debate. Let's not waste this opportunity to roll back the organized fraud in Nigeria that enables the president, governors, ministers, legislators, local government chairmen/councilors to live like emperors--at the expense of the rest of us. Labor leaders and workers as well as professional associations ought to insist on removal of the scams called security vote and constituency allowance; that Jonathan sell off the planes in the presidential fleet (bloody hell, Nigerian officials ought to travel commercial!); drastically reduce ministerial portfolios; ban foreign medical trips for Nigerian officials (if they're "transforming" Nigeria, as they claim, they must enjoy the same medical services as other Nigerians); remove the immunity clause that protects criminals in office; institute part time legislatures (where law makers are paid allowances for the days they sit); identify, prosecute and jail the fuel marketers (and their bureaucratic enablers) who have defrauded Nigerians through inflated fuel subsidy claims etc, etc.” (

In support of the theory, this explains why GEJ has acted accordingly… Notice how he waited until the supreme court ruled in his favor for all hell to break loose? Oblivious of the security threats of Boko Haram, and even declaring that they had infiltrated the security ranks. He was silent of the fact that agents of international financial institutions (Iweala, Aganga, Sanusi) have also closed in. So do not be surprised if GEJ does not heed the call of the people, or send out the hounds after them. Do not be surprised that he takes a hard stand. Let us leverage this opportunity to wrestle our freedom out of the hands of a few.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sucker Punch! What a big laugh it would be if...

2012 did not come with the pomp and pageantry that marks every new year. I have been quite for the past few months, but I have watched with keen interest, the gradual but imminent revolution that is seizing my nation – Nigeria. At last we can say for certain that today the 14th January 2012 we stand at the door post of our revolution and history beckons.

It is very important that we stand back and assess what has transpired in the past few weeks.
The Christmas day bombing of a Catholic Church in Madala, Suleja (near Abuja) marked the beginning of a series of events that will shake the foundations of this country leading to a reawaking of the masses to assert their fundamental rights and demand [for the first time in Nigeria’s history] that their leaders be accountable to the Masses, the people. 

I will not bore you with the details of the events that brought us here,  because several  interesting articles of have been writing about them. The national debate on why Nigerians should support governments move to remove the oil subsidy ( The passage of the 2012 fiscal budget.  The Christmas day bombing and subsequent sporadic killings in Northern and Southern Nigeria (  The declaration of a state of emergency in several local government areas in the North East. The “Surprise” removal of Oil Subsidy on the eve of the New Year and its attendant direct effects on the livelihood of common masses. And the subsequent on-going strike action called by the Nigerian Labor Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC).

As I scroll through the interesting SMS’s, blogs and tweets of friends and family, it is very clear that the masses are tired of the same stories all over again.  From where I seat, the motivations are diverse; whose story are you buying? The governments story; as eloquently expounded by Central Bank Governor Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi and IMFs “Economic Hit Woman” and Nigeria's’ Hon. Minister for Finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala? Or, are you on the masses side - with civil society, activists and the labor who demand the subsidy reinstatement? Perhaps there is yet another set of people who do not care about subsidy but would love to see a more concerted effort towards changing the way Nigeria is governed ( Regardless of what group you belong to, we can all agree that what we want is to see progress, for ourselves and for the nation and our children yet unborn.  However, what is not clear is the motivation, why are some on the street, while others declare an electronic crusade in support of the government? I have not yet read any article that clearly sorts out the various schools of thought that abound concerning the situation in the country yet if you read in between the lines of our leaders are doing, one might make an inference and that is exactly what this piece will try to address. 

Being such a paranoid mind, I have decided to briefly examine all these conspiracy theories in a bid to make sense of the situation – Some are clear and straight forward, while others are mere blue sky thinking - I have made sure to take every aspect of our present problem into consideration; The Islamic fundamentalist sect - Boko Haram, Removal of the PMS subsidy, the plight of the Nigerian masses, The existence of the so called “Cabal”, the silence of the lambs, and the passion with which some government officials speak about the issue.

  1.   Conspiracy Theory No. 1 – Divine Intervention; The invincible hand of God.
  2.   Conspiracy Theory 2 – Honest Truth; The Government is broke.
  3.   Conspiracy Theory No. 3 – The Usual Suspects; Politicians want to “Share the money”.
  4.   Conspiracy Theory No. 4 – The Bear & the Eagle; Uncle Sam is at it again.
  5.   Conspiracy Theory 5 – Sucker Punch! Jonah is no fool after all.
... to be  completed tomorrow