Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tantiblo Broken

Bad news for my 1 year trials. I visited home for a short break, and noticed that the turbine blades had broken. Probably lost them during the stormy rain season. No one around to give me details of when and how it broke.
This is not a recent photo, I took this when the mast broke in 2009Though I have some time on my hands, I don't think I will be making new blades before I return to the UK. I will make new blades later...

Lying here on the floor in my sitting room (The house is too dusty) recovering from reading about Central banking and slaving for hours at my Playstation console... I have come to realize that I need extra (possibly Bionic) hands to switch on lights, turn the ac off, etc. without wating energy or stressing my old bones. So, I have decided to make that my next project - build a small circuit that I can hide behind some switches at home to allow me switch them off remotely.

As usual, a little research came in handy, and as you will have already guessed - its not new, people have already done this. Make it even easier for me. I saw different ideas and approaches to the problem, but I kind of like the idea of using my TV remote control to carry out this function.