Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Step into the light!

Yep!!! I have finally stepped out. Yes! into the light. I have been contemplating hosting a blog for a while now. I wanted to talk about the many things that trouble my mind and soul. Tonight (5Th August, 2007) while lying on my bed with madam snoring away by my side, pretending I am not really bored, I finally made up my mind and jumped at it.

leave my own small splashes on the What will I be posting here you ask? well any thing that catches my fancy. From mundane issues like the corruption that plague this naive nation of mine to no go issues like the church and the papacy. If only you would sit and listen or read, I would be able to bear my mind... and perhaps leave my own splashes on this enormous graffiti of life in the third world.

Call me Shaka, not the Zulu even if I am proud black man - but my Shaka is derived from our local name for the shot gun. Shakabula! the sound of the recoil or reload action of a shot gun. most people get their nick names from friends or borrowed from an icon they idolize, but mine was literally coined by me. An attempt to explain why will certainly call for a six pack, blanket and sofa - so I will leave that post for another day. But like the shots fired from the nozzle, my singular ideas tend to hit a wide range of issues.

Since this is my first post, let this serve as an invitation to welcome you and hope to see you soon.