Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sucker Punch! What a big laugh it would be if...

2012 did not come with the pomp and pageantry that marks every new year. I have been quite for the past few months, but I have watched with keen interest, the gradual but imminent revolution that is seizing my nation – Nigeria. At last we can say for certain that today the 14th January 2012 we stand at the door post of our revolution and history beckons.

It is very important that we stand back and assess what has transpired in the past few weeks.
The Christmas day bombing of a Catholic Church in Madala, Suleja (near Abuja) marked the beginning of a series of events that will shake the foundations of this country leading to a reawaking of the masses to assert their fundamental rights and demand [for the first time in Nigeria’s history] that their leaders be accountable to the Masses, the people. 

I will not bore you with the details of the events that brought us here,  because several  interesting articles of have been writing about them. The national debate on why Nigerians should support governments move to remove the oil subsidy ( The passage of the 2012 fiscal budget.  The Christmas day bombing and subsequent sporadic killings in Northern and Southern Nigeria (  The declaration of a state of emergency in several local government areas in the North East. The “Surprise” removal of Oil Subsidy on the eve of the New Year and its attendant direct effects on the livelihood of common masses. And the subsequent on-going strike action called by the Nigerian Labor Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC).

As I scroll through the interesting SMS’s, blogs and tweets of friends and family, it is very clear that the masses are tired of the same stories all over again.  From where I seat, the motivations are diverse; whose story are you buying? The governments story; as eloquently expounded by Central Bank Governor Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi and IMFs “Economic Hit Woman” and Nigeria's’ Hon. Minister for Finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala? Or, are you on the masses side - with civil society, activists and the labor who demand the subsidy reinstatement? Perhaps there is yet another set of people who do not care about subsidy but would love to see a more concerted effort towards changing the way Nigeria is governed ( Regardless of what group you belong to, we can all agree that what we want is to see progress, for ourselves and for the nation and our children yet unborn.  However, what is not clear is the motivation, why are some on the street, while others declare an electronic crusade in support of the government? I have not yet read any article that clearly sorts out the various schools of thought that abound concerning the situation in the country yet if you read in between the lines of our leaders are doing, one might make an inference and that is exactly what this piece will try to address. 

Being such a paranoid mind, I have decided to briefly examine all these conspiracy theories in a bid to make sense of the situation – Some are clear and straight forward, while others are mere blue sky thinking - I have made sure to take every aspect of our present problem into consideration; The Islamic fundamentalist sect - Boko Haram, Removal of the PMS subsidy, the plight of the Nigerian masses, The existence of the so called “Cabal”, the silence of the lambs, and the passion with which some government officials speak about the issue.

  1.   Conspiracy Theory No. 1 – Divine Intervention; The invincible hand of God.
  2.   Conspiracy Theory 2 – Honest Truth; The Government is broke.
  3.   Conspiracy Theory No. 3 – The Usual Suspects; Politicians want to “Share the money”.
  4.   Conspiracy Theory No. 4 – The Bear & the Eagle; Uncle Sam is at it again.
  5.   Conspiracy Theory 5 – Sucker Punch! Jonah is no fool after all.
... to be  completed tomorrow

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