Friday, March 25, 2011

My heart goes out to the Innocent in "J" Town! 2

My brother China had come into town ahead of the football match between Nigeria and Ethiopia billed for Sunday 27 March 2011. As part of his duty tour, he interviewed English premier league Wigan Athletic’s and Nigerian International, Victor Moses’. His story revealed how Victors parents were killed in Kaduna almost a decade ago. (read

Sad story indeed. Though the tragedy ultimately propelled him into a brilliant career, what l take away from it is how long will this violence last? How long will our so called law enforcement agents look the other way in the name of religion and cowardice? This is exactly what I have been writing about. This is the concluding part of my article "My heart goes out to the Innocent in "J" Town!" where I examined the calamity that have besieged the once peaceful Jos, capital of Plateau State.

Exactly my sentiments... perhaps the other little boys he played with (who may have been more talented) are yet to be discovered. That is what happens in a repressive and wicked system where people are blinded by religion and tribalism. If he had stayed on in Nigerian and played his life out, he may not have made the national team too.

Here is one interesting article on the same issue!/notes/naomi-lucas/who-is-the-north-part-2/10150156355578779 - exactly my sentiments.

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