Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nwa Nsukka

Saw this on Victors Amokes Facebook page, its "Oriokpa" the Nsukka equivalent of Lagos "Eyo" masquerade - these loonies harass and embarrass people during their festivals... they make stupid sounds outside your house and if you dare come out... I heard a funny sound in the dark and I went to find out what wild animal was lurking in my back garden, and was pelted by heaven knows how many spirits.
So I taught them a hard lesson, "They never came to my house again, for all the time I lived in Nsukka."

I know your imagination would run wild what could the great "Shakabula" do to this notorious masquerade that has been known to team up to mob innocent people. Well that's a story for another day - but who ever was wearing that white cloth over his head would NEVER try it in his life. All these cultures that seek to embarrass people should be given a modern touch, is that how "Oriokpa" will treat the white tourist with a camera? the funny thing is that nobody bothered to educate me (or any other student) about them. During a colleagues wedding in Arochukwu, I was accosted by another masquerade who expected me to take to my heels on sighting him/it. But I guess he looked in my eyes and saw the monster - or perhaps his "Oriokpa" friends had sent him/it and timely telegram.

To avoid "Shaka", and you will live to dance again!

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