Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Still on PHCN and the power problem.

A recent comment on Facebook got me hopping off to popular CBS 60 minutes program on an emerging power plant - . I still cant wrap my head around how it works. But I am sure our analysts are not looking at things like this. When they eventually get it right, the technology would have moved on. Our numerous White Elephant projects don't come on stream until the technology has been overly modified.

Hate it or leave it, even in today's green energy revolution that is sweeping the world, there are still coal powered turbines in many parts of the world. You will be right to argue that it doesn't really matter, their leaders say with the non proliferation of nuclear energy, that is the only thing they can lay their hands on to power their country. While I don't agree with them, it is clear that man is the worst thing that happened to earth - he wants to end life by all means, whether he does it slowly by emitting dangerous gases and destroying' the ozone, or quickly by building hazardous nuclear reactors everywhere, he should not stop to exploit the earth. This idea shows that there are really better ways to create energy - I would expect any evolving society to think big, the rest have given us a blue print to work with, we don't need to crawl, we don't want more hydro electric plants, we ignored coal until became a dirty fuel - and now it is almost worthless. We don't want the old technologies of Gas turbines or anything that needs fossil fuels to work. We should be looking at futuristic initiatives like this they point the way forward - that way, we will leave a legacy for our kids. not burden them with a technology that is obsolete.

If I was a Nigerian governor, i wold use a small city in my state as a pilot to test this device, and if it flys, I would push it to the rest of the country. PHCN will be dumped like "a Wet Smelly Rag"!

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  1. Thanks Tayo for the update - bad habits are hard to drop, Smelly rags are more like it.