Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Phase 2 - Buying and Fabricating the Parts

Phase 2 – Buying and Fabricating the Parts
If you have been following my post on how to building a cheap wind turbine to support an existing power inverter, you would know that though an off the shelve model will set you back over $3,000 but with locally assessable materials and not so much DIY skills you can build one for yourself.
I have written about the design and concept at http://tantiblo.blogspot.com/2009/08/phase-1-designing-turbine.html Lets now focus on buying the stuff we need. In the west, one could have walked into Home depot, Curries, or other local DIY or hubby shops, but in Naija – I had to go to the open market.

The Blades
The first and perhaps easiest parts to fabricate are the blades. Following the blueprint I saw at http://www.yourgreendream.com/diy_pvc_blades.php,

Since the pipe wasn’t brand new, the rim was not cut at the right angle - nut tied to a string from the rim, like a plumb and traced the string to get a perfect vertical straight line. Positioning a laser level at the right angle (90 degree) to get my bearings. I cut the four blades with a jigsaw.

I then sanded each blade down with a belt sander and extra smoth sand paper. I sprayed on a matte white finish to make them more presentable.

After cutting the parts out I shaped it with a belt sander, flat file and smooth sand papers, ensuring that all blades not only look alike, but weight the same. This will ensure that the turbine does not vibrate itself to smithereens.

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